Lechuga Zafiro – Aequs Nyama EP [STK002]

“Each track is packed with ideas, and it’s the unique, alluring rhythms that keep everything in perspective.” Andrew Ryce gave it a 4.2 on Resident Advisor

“Full of dense, organic percussion patterns, traversing both metallic and wooden sound palettes, Aequs Nyama is a real joy to return to over and over again” Gabe Meier, FACT


Produced & Mixed by Lechuga Zafiro
Mastered by Jeremy Cox
Artwork by Art Belikov & Pichón Ameba


C1080 and Triangulación Kultural drums recorded by Gustavo de León in Estudios Sondor. Ansina drums recorded by Juan Branaa & Lechuga Zafiro on the streets of Palermo, Montevideo.

Thanks to: Mathías Silva, Elli Medeiros, Sergio Ortuño, Miguel Ángel García, Pablo di Leva (Bandido), Carmela Tzigana, Pobvio, Imaabs, Bao-Tran Tran, Pichón Ameba, Gustavo de León.

C1080 are: Mathias Silva, Wellington Silva, Guillermo Díaz
+ info: www.cuareim1080.com.uy

Ansina are: Gustavo Oviedo, Miguel Ángel García, Gustavo García, Juan “Perico” Gularte, Sergio Ortuño, Pedro Ferreira, Owen “Ciato” Oviedo

Triangulación Kultural : triangulacionkultural.blogspot.com.uy

More info about the concept of Aequs Nyama project here: aequsnyama.com