Superficie – Hélices EP [STK003]

“an intriguing hybrid of baile funk rhythms, ambient spatiality, tropical rainforest sound effects, and spawning cybernetic movements” Alexander Iadarola, Thump

Hélices. Brazilian producer Superficie’s EP is all about Club, Baile Funk and Ambient moods. Inspired by socio-economic conflicts from his country of origin, as well as in the advances of biotechnology of our era, robotic insects and expressive percussion surround us throughout a chase in south of the Amazon. It comes with four original tracks and two intriguing remixes by Armenian-American foozool and Venezuelan-American umurmurum.


Produced by Superficie

Mastered by Jeremy Cox

Artwork by Salvador Loza



Kudos Records


“​Their creations outlived their language in this part of the world, not many sounds can be heard besides the living cloud and the distress drums of the river people. While amazonian angels fly overhead chanting the ethereal song​ of disruptive ammunition.” (​Superfície)